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Nassential is a full-service debt portfolio company providing standardized and customized debt collection portfolios, packaging them, and farming those portfolios out to debt collection agencies.

  • *Note Payables are only for Accredited Investors. Please review information below.

Nassential Notes Payable Offering to Investors


Investment Amount:

   - Minimum Investment: $5,000

   - Maximum Investment: $1 million 

Interest Rates and Payouts:

   - Year 1: 18% interest, paid bi-annually

   - Years 2 & 3: 20% interest, paid quarterly

   - Year 4: 21% interest, paid quarterly

   - Thereafter: 22% interest until the note is called by either party

Investment Term:

   - Funds are invested for a minimum of three years. With request by Note Holder to the Company any time after the end of three years, the Company will return the original investment amount along with any interest still due within 120 days.

Return of Principal and ROI:

   - The Company ensures that all portfolios at least return the principal and offer a return on investment through a thorough underwriting process and maximum oversight of the collection agencies’ collection processes.


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Benefits for the Investor in Nassential Notes Payable

1. Attractive Interest Rates:

Investors are offered high interest rates, starting at 18% for the first year, progressing to 22% in the succeeding years, ensuring better than most returns on other types of investments.

2. Bi-annual and Quarterly Payouts:

Investors receive interest payouts bi-annually in the first year and quarterly thereafter, providing consistent cash inflow.

3. Minimum Investment Period:

With a minimum investment period of only three years, investors can anticipate a structured and short-term commitment, balancing liquidity needs.

4. Consistent Positive Track Record:

The Principals of Nassential have demonstrated consistent profitability with no losses since 2016, signaling reliability and a robust business model.

5. Diversified Debt Portfolios:

The company meticulously selects debt portfolios across diverse industries, ensuring a balanced and risk-adjusted investment approach.

6. Management’s Financial Commitment:

All portfolios have been 100% financed by the company’s Management Team, underscoring their confidence in the business model and alignment of interests with investors.

7. Thorough Underwriting Process:

Nassential employs a comprehensive underwriting process, ensuring that all purchased or leased portfolios have returned principal and ROI, minimizing investment risks.

8. Efficient Collection Model:

The company has successfully developed a model for collecting non-performing consumer debt, securing additional returns.

Currently, Nassential has assets of $16 million+ that are being collected now. The money from these notes payable will increase the amount of assets being collected to bring the Company to an expanded profitability position.

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9. Expanding Business Model:

The infusion of cash from the note offering will enable Nassential to operate at a larger scale and diversify, thereby potentially increasing profitability and ensuring business continuity.

10. Regular Auditing and Agency Management:

Regular auditing of collection agencies and a structured process for dealing with infractions provide an added layer of security for the investment.

11. Potential for Continuous Passive Return:

Nassential aims to provide investors with continuous passive returns, offering an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking steady income with little to no hassle.

12. Recession-Proof Model:

The Company’s Principals claim to have a proven recession-proof model, even during challenging times like maintaining profitability during the COVID pandemic, indicating resilience and stability.

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